Kahale Observatory (KOBS)

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The Kahale Observatory is located on the central Oregon Coast. Currently it consists of a three fully automated astrophotography systems, a NexDom 8' observatory with a 10Micron mount on a pier, a field unit using a CGX-L mount, and a mobile unit with a CGE-Pro mount. Three different OTA's can be attached: a Celestron 14" SCT, Celestron 11" SCT and a Explorer Scientific 152mm refractor. The imaging stack includes a 7 position filter wheel and the ZWO 2600 pro, ZWO 1600 pro or a ZWO 294 color pro imager. It includes weather, telescope and dome monitoring equipment plus all skycameras, a rain and a cloud monitor.

Observatory Configuration

  • C14 mounted on 10Mircon
  • W/Power*Star Hub, RPI, ZWO 294 color, Dew Heaters, OAG-L w/ZWO guider(80mm)
  • Rain Sensor, Dome cntlr, Ambient weather station, allskycam

Field Observatory Configuration

  • ES152 mounted on CGX-L
  • W/Power*Star Hub, RPI, ZWO 2600pro w/Filter Wheel, Dew Heaters, OAG w/ZWO guider(80mm)
  • Field weather station, allskycam, fielddome w/cam

Rollout Configuration

  • C11 mounted on CGE
  • W/RPI/hub/GPS, ZWO 1600pro w/Filter Wheel, Pegasus UPB, Orion guider (60mm), dew heaters
  • Field weather station, allskycam, fielddome w/cam

Observatory Status:

  • Dome/Observatory setup and working
  • Field Observatory needs testing
  • Searching for permanent location for observatory (away from the coast)


  • OTAs: C14 SCT, C11 SCT, Explorer Scientific 152 Acromate refractor
  • Mounts: 10Micron GM1000, GGX-L, CGE-Pro
  • StarSense Autoalign (only used for manual obs)
  • Guider: Orion StarTracker, (2) Orion CT80 w/ZWO Cam
  • Off-Axis-Guider: ASI OAG-l and OAG
  • Pwr Ctl: Wa-chur-ed Power*Star Hub, Pegasus UPB (universal power box)<
  • Autofocusers: MicroTouch w/ctlr, Moonlight w/KOBS ctlr, Pegasus w/ctlr
  • Cameras: ZWO 1600m, ZWO 2600mm, ZWO 294mc, ZWO 290m, ZWO 120c, Nikon D5500
  • (2) EFW 7 position filter wheel
    • Each w/ Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Sii, Oiii, H_alpha
  • RPI Dome Cnl Box: Open/close, lights, NOIR camera
  • RPI Env Box: Allskycam, sky monitor, rain detector and temp/hum/dp
  • Two RPI Telescope Monitor and Control boxes (Ekos/Indi)
    • Internal UPB: 2 Stepper motor ctls, 2 PMI dew heater ctls, 4 12V switched outlets, GPS, 4 USB, WiFi and wired, temp/hum/dp sensor